About Us

Animal Hospital of West Chester was founded by Dr. Jennifer Dehnbostel after purchasing the Pisgah West Chester Veterinary Clinic in March 2009. The Animal Hospital offers small town charm with full service medical and surgical capabilities. We also provide boarding and grooming services.


The most rewarding part of our jobs is watching our patients mature though all stages of life. It’s a privilege to be there from the first consultation all the way through their lives. It’s an honor we share with each patient and their family.


Join the Family

Join the Family

Our experienced and compassionate veterinarians along with our knowledgeable and caring staff work together to deliver the best possible care for your pet.

Why Choose Us?

Minimal Waiting Time

We know your time is valuable, and having a sick or anxious pet can be stressful, so we strive to minimize your waiting time as much as possible in every situation. We will even call ahead if wait times are extended due to unforeseen emergencies.

Emergency Services

Don’t wait to give us a call if your pet has a problem that you feel is an emergency. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible, often times the same day. In the event it is an emergency that just cannot wait or is after hours, we recommend MedVet Medical Center 513-561-0069.

Compassionate Care

We love our patients (and their human family members, too!). Our vets and staff strive to provide the best possible care in a caring and compassionate way.

Family Atmosphere

Communication is the key here. Our vets and staff work together to provide the best care for your pet. Working together to keep your pet healthy and happy makes you a part of our family.

Boarding & Grooming

As a full service veterinary hospital, we are strive to minimize stress to your pet while providing convenience and peace-of-mind to our clients. You can drop off your pet for a day at our grooming spa or for a week while you are away, and know that your pet will receive great care and pampering. We can take care of your medically needy pets as well, so you can relax while you are away.

Client Feedback

Satchel is a 2-yr old double doodle and our family’s first dog. As newbies, we were completely lost. Dr. Dehnbostel and her staff have been with us every step of the way with advice and kindness (and patience!) without being pushy or overselling anything. We also use the grooming and boarding services. All I have to say to Satch is “Want to go see Dr. D?” and he goes running for the door. When we pull up he is so excited and pawing at the door to get out. This dog definitely LOVES going to the vet and it’s all because of Dr. D and her staff and all the love they give him. The new office is over the top, but we’d follow Dr. D and her staff to any building. Highly recommend.

Tricia Wade


We love Animal Hospital of West Chester. The staff is amazing and we always feel like we are taken care of when we visit. We switched from another vet and the difference is noticeable. Dr. D has been amazing with our pug who had to get his leg amputated due to a mass-cell tumor, and all of the doctors have been wonderful with follow-up visits and questions. We love the new building and definitely won’t be switching vets any more!

Jamie Dicks

Love the Staff!

The office staff, vet techs and Vets are so nice, they get excited when we bring our dogs in and they are very informative when asked about diet, outdoor activities, etc. Cheddar & Capri are living great lives because of the care they get from Animal Hospital of West Chester!

Austin Strickland


To the doctors and staff of the Animal Hospital of West Chester. Thank-you so very much for taking such great care of our little Timmy. I know you said he was a miracle dog, but that miracle would never have happened without your kindness, love and expertise. Timmy is doing fantastic! We cannot believe how well he is recovering! He promises to stop eating things he is not supposed to.

Wendy & Mike Lynch


Thank-you for everything!  From the moment we walked into the office with our new puppy I knew this was going to be a perfect fit.  The entire staff was very welcoming and caring.  The practice and its level of care has exceeded our expectations.  My puppy loves the day care you provide and looks forward to going, which I believe says a lot!  One a final note, when he was ill the compassion that was given and the time spent reassuring me will never be forgotten.

Smith Family


Our family has been going to Dr D and AHWC for several years. When we brought our rescue Maggie to Dr D she had several medical issues at the time. Dr. D was able to treat Maggie’s issues and guide us in helping to give her a healthy life as she went into her senior years. When Maggie became seriously ill, Dr D was there to help us along the way to keep Maggie happy and comfortable in her final days. We cannot express how much we appreciate all your staff’s dedication. Thank you!

Bruzina Family


I want to thank you and all your staff for everything that you’ve done over the past 6 years or so in taking such good care of Captain Jack. I’ve never had another pet that so loved going to the vet and I know it’s because everyone is so friendly. Even though Jack left us too soon, I really appreciate everything that was done for him. I’m happy to continue our relationship with our new addition Murphy. I’m sure he’ll love everyone just as Jack did. Once again thank you for your support in taking such good care of our loving pets.

Beryl Brodof


Dr Dehnbostel,  Dr Kara and staff, I wanted to take a minute to let you all know how much you are appreciated by not only Hamish & Rory, but by Alan and I also. Our dogs are a huge part of our family and as such we value the care, expertise and love that you show our pets. Whether it’s a regular check up or a visit due to sickness or injury we know that our pets will always receive the best care possible, and this gives us piece of mind. Thanks again!

Elaine & Alan


Our dog Meko (11 yr old Pekinese) suffers from intervertebral disc disease.  Over the years his condition has gradually worsened.  He was having difficulty walking and moving in general until Dr. Dehnbostel started using the therapy laser twice weekly for one month, then once weekly for a month, and now once monthly.  He is much better and wants to run and play!  

Jeff & Karen


It’s the best! The Animal Hospital of West Chester is an operation with a brain and a heart. The staff cares in the sense your pet is special to them. The staff care in the sense that they are extremely knowledgeable when diagnosing your pet’s problems and treating them. They are well connected to other medical resources should specialties be needed. They are very professional, but, at the same time, they treat you like family. From the receptionists, to the techs, to the boarding staff and groomer, you will find that they really do care about your pet and, guess who else, . . . you! Thank you Dr. D for putting together such a great team and Animal Hospital.

Lawson Family

Caring Staff

Little Bit is our Princess!! She is the only little girl we have out of 4 poodles. We saved her over 10 years ago and we didn’t know her exact age. We know she is getting to be an old girl now and we were nervous to sedate her. She had 17 teeth pulled under anesthesia in this office! She did AWESOME! She woke up feeling great and ate a great deal right after surgery. She has already gained weight and seems to do well without the rotten teeth. We wanted the best for her and her health, so we are very pleased with how everything went. The best part about it all, her breath no longer smells bad! We get lots of kisses again. =) Our precious poodle princess is happy and healthy again!

Ann V.


Words will never truly express the way I feel about the care and treatment that my animals and I have received at the Animal Hospital of West Chester. Dr. D and staff have cared for all of my wonderful “sure people” (Bailey, Ethel, Lucy, Wilby and Tillie – as well as helping Butterscotch (an old friend’s cat who Dr. D did not even treat!) for close to 14 years.