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AHWC Featured in Local Magazine

August 2018:  Animal Hospital of West Chester had the pleasure of being one of the featured articles in the West Chester Liberty Township Lifestyle Magazine The theme for the magazine is Pets + Kids – and we were excited to be included in this edition. Read the article,  24 Hours at Animal Hospital of West […]

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Heat Pet Safety

Summer is here – with a vengeance! As temperatures reach almost 100° F this week, keeping a close eye on your furry pets is very important. Some tips to keep in mind this summer (or anytime it is over 70°F): SHADE AND WATER: Protect your pets from the sun’s rays and keep them hydrated. NO […]

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Pet First-Aid Kit Checklist

Keep a kit of basic first aid supplies for the pets in your household. Many of the items in a family first aid kit can be used for pets, too. Below is a list of pet-specific items you can add to your family first aid kit:

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West Chester Liberty Lifestyle Magazine

We are very excited and honored to have Animal Hospital of West Chester featured in the February edition of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle magazine. Read online. Download Article (PDF).    

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Presidential Pets

U.S. presidents and their families have typically liked animals. Creatures from mice to bears have mad a home at the White House and its grounds. We found a list of ‘first pets’ we thought you might enjoy.

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