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Current Open Positions

Registered Veterinary Technician


The veterinary technician is the veterinarian’s primary medical support.  They begin the examination procedure and continue to assist the doctor throughout the examination, diagnosis and treatment phases.  They aid the veterinarians in achieving greater efficiency by relieving the, of technical work and administrative detail.  They have a very significant role in communicating and educating clients about their pets


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent client service skills and phone etiquette
  • Ability to inspire, teach, multitask and be highly functional team member
  • Self-motivated
  • Attention to detail
  • Work successfully as a team member and autonomously
  • Sense of urgency
  • Critical thinking Skills
  • Effective patient restraint
  • Proficient in calculations (drugs, constant rate infusions, unit conversions, etc.).
  • Flexibility with work hours and able to work additional hours when necessary
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment


  • Provide compassionate care to patients and clients
  • Conduct oneself in a confident and professional manner even when stressed and/or focused on individual tasks
  • Legibly keep accurate medical records in accordance hospital policy
  • Prepare and maintain the exam rooms and treatment areas
  • Perform physical assessment’s record observations legibly in files or computer
  • Effectively restrain pets even when large or difficult
  • Understands all common vaccinations and vaccination protocols and can explain to clients
  • Understands the importance of a clean and orderly facility, does not hesitate to clean or organize as part of a normal job duty
  • Maintains positive, cooperative relationships with other employees
  • Gives SQ, IM, and IV injections
  • Handle client’s medical questions with confidence and direct to veterinarians when appropriate
  • Prepare estimates for procedures and discuss financial commitments with clients supporting hospital financial policies
  • Explain necessary follow up and home-care instructions
  • Understands usage, dosage, and common side-effects for commonly used prescription drugs and can readily explain them to the clients
  • Maintain an appropriate inventory of all medical supplies as determined by the inventory control system
  • Assist the veterinarian in medical, surgical and dental procedures; prepares patients for surgery; administers anesthesia; monitors patients during surgery and recovery; administers fluids
  • Properly care for all surgical materials; keep the operating room properly stocked and prepared for surgery
  • Perform emergency procedures such as control of bleeding, resuscitation with oxygen, opening airways m and external cardiac massage
  • Perform clinical laboratory procedures such as fecal flotation exams, heartworm checks, skin scrapings, urinalysis, and fungal cultures; draws blood for laboratory analysis; maintains file of lab test results and ensures that test results are recorded in patient records
  • Effectively position for and take radiographs
  • Place IV catheters and properly care for them. Understands the use and care of IV pumps as well
  • Knows common disease states and can alert veterinarians when symptoms change or when concerns arise with hospitalized patients
  • Prepare a patient and the machine for an ultrasound procedure
  • Admit patients following hospital policy and doctors written orders
  • Discharge patients based on the veterinarian’s orders, ensuring that patients are well groomed and in a medically appropriate state


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Veterinary Technician Certification (RVT/CVT) required
  • Previous On-The-Job Training required
Kennel Assistant

Kennel staff members are responsible for proper husbandry care of all hospitalized and boarded animals, including feeding, medication administration, record keeping and the cleanliness of cages, runs and hospital areas.

Position Requirements

Age Requirement

Minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

Education Requirement

High school degree or in the process of attaining.

Experience Requirement

Animal care background is desirable, but not required.

Personal Requirements

  • Genuinely enjoys working with animals and capable of managing their even when they are stressed, ill or in pain.
  • Can work unaffected in an environment where dogs are barking.
  • Must be available to work weekends and holidays to be considered for a kennel worker position
  • Physical Effort: Work requires lifting and carrying animals and food bags (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting animals over 40 lbs).  Walks or stands for extended periods or time; frequently works in a bent position.
  • Working conditions:  May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces. May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.

Performance Expectations

  • Provides compassionate care to patients.
  • Can conduct oneself in a confident and professional manner even when stressed and/or focused on individual tasks.
  • Receives animals to be admitted, is responsible for their proper identification and for recording their respective locations.
  • Releases animals to their owners as directed by the doctor; ensures that every animal released is clean and properly groomed prior to their release.
  • Has the ability to communicate with owners and make them feel comfortable with leaving their pet(s) in our care.
  • Can follow a regular schedule for cleaning and sanitizing all cages, runs, wards and related areas; changes litter boxes and food/water bowls.
  • Can feed each animal as prescribed by the attending doctor or as the owner has requested and records appetites.
  • Understands the importance of prioritizing tasks and keeps oneself busy and productive during work shifts.
  • Can maintain laundry for the kennel, grooming and hospital.
  • Maintains the grounds of the property including waste disposal, light maintenance of landscape upkeep and general building maintenance.
  • Can give baths and brush-out patients.
  • Can collect urine and fecal specimens.
  • Can give hospital and kennel tours while highlighting features that differentiate us from other kennels and hospitals in our area.
  • Can recognize and report any unusual condition or abnormal behavior.
  • Can assist doctors and technicians with the administration of medications or with patient restraint.
  • Cleans equipment and facilities using chemicals and supplies; understands the importance of safety of use of chemicals in our facility.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the hospital each day.
  • Understands and carries out the weekly and monthly chore list to maintain the hospital cleanliness, the equipment, and overall appearance of the hospital.
  • Understands and carries out oral and written directions.
  • Maintains positive, cooperative relationships with other employees.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Grooming Assistant


The purpose of this position is to perform grooming assistant duties related to Animal Hospital of West Chester. To perform bathing and drying care to patients in the grooming department. To ensure the grooming area is clean, ready for the next day’s business.   Provide support to the groomer as needed.  Reports to Groomer and Practice Manager


For Patients:

  • Remove any eye crust using a flea comb AFTER allowing it to soak
  • Dry pet with high velocity dryer on a setting that is comfortable for the pet. STOP at signs of stress or fear.  For those pets that are fearful, finish drying the pet in a kennel with a fan
  • Notify groomer of ANY abnormalities such as skin abrasions, rashes, lumps, etc.
  • Return dried pets to clean kennel. Kennel must be cleaned between dirty dog/clean dog
  • Check EVERY pet’s sheet for warnings, specific instructions, special shampoos
  • Bathe each pet thoroughly. Pay special attention to face, feet and sanitary areas


  • Disinfect tub and walls of bathing room when finished bathing for the day
  • Clean mat and hang to dry
  • Wash/dry/fold/put away used towels
  • Refill all bottles of shampoos/conditioners used
  • Vacuum/disinfect/dry floors
  • Empty trash both in grooming room and washing room
  • Wipe down all bottles
  • Empty vacuum each day
  • Vacuum all crate tops and sides
  • Clean any kennels used by pets
  • Help keep grooming lobby clean and organized

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