Rio and Laser Therapy Treatment

Animal Hospital of West Chester has been using cold laser therapy since 2015 and are excited that our pets and owners have reported tremendous improvement of range of movement and pain relief with these treatments. Below is just one testimonial we wanted to share with our viewers:

My family adopted our beloved Rio in February 2008.  Rio was rescued and we were taken by surprise when she needed ACL surgery on her left knee in May of 2010 and her right knee in September of 2011.  We knew she would develop arthritis in her later years and were prepared for what that would entail.  We were not expecting in June of 2015, that Rio would suddenly lose mobility in her hind end leaving her unable to walk.  The arthritis in her knees, coupled with a nerve condition, left her incapacitated.  Dr. D and Dr. Kara worked tirelessly to regiment a plan to save her, while preparing us that we would lose her if she didn’t respond to medication and Laser Therapy that they recommended.  We had 2 weeks to pray that an onslaught of medicine and Laser Therapy would turn her condition around.

Our first round of Laser therapy was done outside of Animal Hospital of West Chester, as they did not have the equipment at that time.  (We were referred to Dr D’s friend who has had great success with the Laser.)  I must say that after the first visit, I was not convinced that it was helping.  We stuck with it because of our complete trust in both Dr D and Dr Kara and our willingness to try anything to save Rio.  The second round of Laser Therapy was more telling, when Rio was physically reacting to the treatment.  We would watch her legs move involuntarily while receiving the treatment.  This treatment not only soothed Rio’s pain, it stimulated her nerve function bringing her numb areas back to life and reducing inflammation of her joints to enhance her joint mobility.

Today, Rio is on minimal medicine and continues monthly Laser Therapy at Animal Hospital of West Chester.  It is beyond words to describe how we feel watching Rio run, jump, and use the bathroom again on her own.  I HIGHLY recommend the Laser Therapy, it has proven to not only work, but brought back her quality of life.

Dr D, Dr Kara, and the staff…I don’t know what we would do without you.  You understand what my animals mean to my family and your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Thank you does not seem like it is enough.  You are all the best!!

— The Morton-Roberts Family