Selecting Your New Pet

A Dog

When searching for the right dog, it is crucial to take the family, home and lifestyle into your consideration. Dogs are often given away to animals shelters for faulty expectations from the owner. Most common reasons of return vary from the dog being too large, too hyper, requires too much time, behavioral issues, house training issues and high pet care costs such as illness and grooming.  It’s important to make a fully informed decision. Allergies and difficulties accepting normal dog behavior are points to consider that could lead to a dog not being a great choice for everyone in your household.   We recommend staying away from adopting dogs on pure impulse or as gifts. Take time when looking for that perfect dog. It’s always a good idea and highly recommended to consult with one of our veterinarians before adopting.   Our veterinarians are pet professionals; from local adoption agency contacts to breeder information (that can save you much heartache) and “realistic expectations.” Animal Hospital of West Chester is not only your future pets’ cheerleader for a healthy life but also seek to assist in a balanced successful relationship with your family for life!

A Cat

Cats make wonderful companions.  Cats are like potato chips, how can you have just one?  Their entertaining antics and affectionate behaviors have endeared them to millions of owners for thousands of years.  Easily house trained and relatively low maintenance, cats make fantastic indoor pets and most will readily adapt to a variety of households.  However, the most common reasons cats are given up to animal shelters is unfulfilled expectations, house soiling, allergies, behavioral issues, and cost of pet care. We are your resource to make an informed decision.  Cats come in all shapes (head, ears, body and tail), sizes, colors, personalities, and hair coats. Feeding, social interaction, exercise, play, and elimination are daily needs that must be met if you want a healthy, happy cat. Our veterinarians can provide you with a great deal of valuable information and resources even before you acquire your cat.