We offer convenient dog and cat boarding at an affordable price in a climate controlled (heat & air conditioned) environment.

Dog Boarding:

  • We can accommodate any age or size dog in our facility.
  • Extra attention is given to pets with special needs: puppies, seniors, and any dog with chronic illnesses.
  • All of our dogs are individually walked and allowed to play off lead more than 5 times daily in our fenced yard under supervision.
  • We offer one-on-one personal play times several times throughout the day and evening at no additional cost. All of your family pets can exercise and play at the same time. Your dog will NEVER co-mingle with another non-family pet.
  • TLC and treats are free!
  • We offer day boarding for those pets that may need assistance during your busy work day.
  • We advise all boarders continue eating their orginal diet during their boarding visit. Please bring food with you. We do offer a bland diet in the kennel.
  • All dogs must be current on the following: Distemper/Parvo vaccine, Rabies Vaccine, Bordetella Vaccine, and fecal.

Cat Boarding:

  • Our feline boarding facility is private. Cats do not board near dogs.
  • We offer daily play times for those social felines.
  • Extra attention is given to pets with special needs: seniors and cats with chronic illnesses including diabetes.
  • To reduce boarding stress we will provide a cage “hide- a-way” and additional enrichment when needed.
  • We advise all boarding cats continue eating their original diet. Please bring food with you. We do offer a bland diet in the kennel.
  • All boarding cats must be current on the following: Rhinotracheitis Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine.

Boarding Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 – 11 AM and 3-5:45 PM
  • Saturday: 9-12 PM
  • **Please check-in with the front desk at arrival. Allow 15 minutes for the entire admission process.

Call today for a reservation 513-777-5131

Frequently Asked Questions
My pet has never boarded before, will he/she be ok?

We understand how stressful boarding your pet can be for a “first timer”. (“Stress” meaning nervous anxiety over change in routine AND/OR over-excitement for attention by the staff and surroundings.) We recommend boarding your dog or cat for just one day prior to your planned extended trip. During this “trial” boarding visit we will monitor your pet and give you honest feedback regarding future visits. In addition, your pet’s short stay will provide positive reinforcement, familiarity with the facility, and a short exposure to the boarding routine which will reduce “stress” during future visits. Many families have commented that the trial boarding experience greatly reduced their worry during their vacation.

What should I bring for my pet boarding visit?

We provide the following for your pet:

  • All of the bedding for our boarding visitors for large dogs and kitty cubbies.
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Exercise and TLC
  • Food, only if needed

Things to bring for your pet:

  • Food. We highly recommend you bring your pet’s food. Changing your pet’s diet during a boarding experience is not advised. Consider bringing 1-2 days of extra food just in case you have an unplanned delay.
  • Medications. Be sure to bring the medications in their labeled bottle/container. Daily pill containers are wonderful and convenient, however, as a medical facility we need to know what we are giving. In addition, in rare situations we may need an extra tablet.
  • Special Instruction Sheet. If your pet requires any special attention, assistance, or monitoring please provide this information during “check-in”. Examples: storm fears or anxiety, special eating habits, fence climbing abilities, or history of seizures,
  • Vaccine Records. We do require current vaccinations and stool checks for our healthy boarding visitors. If we do not provide veterinary care for your pet, please have your pet’s current records faxed to: 513-777-5442.
  • Please bring your pet into the facility on a leash or in a carrier.